a self-administered
sexual assault evidence collection kit.

This kit is for survivors to collect evidence in the immediate aftermath of the crime if going to the police or hospital is not an option and to use at a later date within the judicial system.

Founder Story

Jane Mason, Ret. FBI Special Agent was the Evidence Response Team leader for the FBI for 16 years. This team is an elite group of Special Agents with highly honed skills in collecting Forensic Evidence. In 2014 Jane retired and formed a Private Investigations company. Over these 5 years a number of survivors of sexual assault have come to her for help. All combined, her expertise and experience with survivors has compelled Jane to form The Preserve Group. The team of experts Jane has pulled together to help form her company bring a broad range of knowledge and expertise in finance, investigation, technology and logistics. They individually share Jane’s passion for providing a voice and tools to help survivors who are not able to to report their assault or seek help from the hospital. It is our collective hope that this product, PRESERVEkit, will help collect vital evidence and may be useful at the time when each survivor may feel they can come forward and talk about their assault.

About Us

We are a social enterprise made up of social entrepreneurs.

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Jane Mason

Co-founder, President and CEO

• I treasured every moment of my 28 years as a Special Agent with the FBI working White Collar Crime investigations and was on the Evidence Response Team. With White Collar Crime, I saw various various levels of greed combined with sometimes brilliant ingenuity in the criminals I investigated. With the Evidence Response Team, I was exposed to the most heinous crimes of hate, torture, depravity, and brutality.

• When I retired in 2014, I became a private investigator and several of my cases involved helping survivors get justice. The case involving Julia (not her real name) was the case that inspired the PreserveKit. Julia wasn’t able to tell anyone that she had been sexually assaulted until 2 years after the fact. All physical evidence was, of course, gone. But, Julia had a tremendous amount of circumstantial evidence for law enforcement to conduct an investigation. Instead, law enforcement told Julia that this was a “he said, she said” case, that Julia had not fought off her attacker enough, and that Julia was not inebriated so should have been able to say no.

• I fought for Julia to see justice. First at the local level where I have never seen law enforcement anywhere else in the world have this lack of humanity. I then contacted the city council, the county representatives, Betsy DeVos, the U.S. Department of Civil Rights, the U.S. Department of Justice, Office of Civil Rights, and the governor of the state in which this occurred. Most often we were ignored. Some attempts were met with disinterest, unfathomable statutes of limitations for hearing a case (180 days at the Office of Civil Rights), or jurisdiction excuses.

• Over and over Julia felt re-victimized. It was unbearable to watch this unfold.

• Imagine the power a survivor could feel if they can not do a rape kit but can do the PRESERVEkit. If the PRESERVEkit helps even one survivor see true justice, then the product should be accessible to everyone

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Mike Lombardo

Co-founder and CLO

As Chief Logistics Officer, Mike is in charge of product assembly and fulfillment.

Mike was born and raised in New Jersey where he currently resides.  Mike is a veteran of the U. S. Marine Corps and a proud father and grandfather.

Mike honed his logistical skills during his years in the U.S. Marine Corps and while working in the construction industry.

Mike is an enthusiastic volunteer and participates in the Lowe’s heroes project.


Carol Mason

Co-founder and CTO

Carol is the Chief Technical Officer for The Preserve Group. She developed and maintains the website and product graphics.

In 2002 Carol formed CarolMasonDesign, a custom website design company. In 2007 she became a small press book publisher. She is an Apple Developer. She and her clients wish to do good for this world. They are on their mission to lift thought, lift a burden, bring joy, protection and health.

Before 2002, Carol had two decades + of experience in technology (archiving, migrating systems, developing systems) combined with her other passion, publishing. This involved hot type and cold type; designing logos, letterhead, newsletters, magazines and newspapers; graphic design, and photography. During this time Carol's expertise as a manager blossomed. She was accountable for team building and consistently meeting deadlines.

In 2017 Carol became publisher of a Proprietary online and print Directory listing with Jane Mason and Charlie Beaudoin. They established a productive and successful collaboration. 

Co-founding PRESERVEkit with Jane, Charlie, Susan, and Mike with input from Heather brings together 3 sisters and collectively combines our talents, compassion for others and desire to lift societal burdens.

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Susan Mason

Co-founder and CFO

Susan has a vast background in the Financial sector.

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Charles Beaudoin

Co-founder and CMO

Retired Supervisory Special Agent
with 21 years of service to the FBI.

  • Supervised a team of FBI Special Agents and NYPD Detectives.

  • For 10 years he was a member of the elite FBI Scuba Team. This included:

    • Conducted underwater searches for evidence.

    • Assigned to the 1996 Olympics in Atlanta to assist in underwater safety.

    • Conducted underwater evidence recovery at the TWA Flight 800 crash site.

  • FBI Hostage Negotiator

    • Responded to numerous hostage negotiation incidents

    • Taught hostage negotiations to other law enforcement officers. 

    • Successfully negotiated the release of an American Citizen who was held as a hostage.

  • Coordinated the supervision of the midnight shift of the Lead Assignment Command Post where 600 investigators were dispatched to cover the hundreds of leads that were received daily in the aftermath 09/11/01.

  • Charlie Beaudoin has traveled to 3 continents on official business for the FBI and has established a global network of contacts to rely on.


Heather - Survivor

Heather granted permission to use her affirmations on this website and on the PRESERVEkit - sexual assault survival kit product wrapper and instructions.