8|31|19 Welcome TRANSCRIPT

Hi. I’m Jane Mason, co-founder of the PRESERVEkit and I want to welcome you to our website. We are honored to be working together toward a common goal of overcoming rape culture and helping people collect evidence of sexual assaults.  We are passionate about this issue because we have seen first-hand how the judicial system and the world in general sometimes treats allegations of sexual assault. The whole “your lips say no, but your eyes say yes” culture is ridiculous.  It always has been and always will be.  And taking sexual advantage of anyone vulnerable in any way is shameful and despicable. 

Are you a victim of sexual assault? If you don’t get a sexual assault examination by trained personnel,  you have the option of saving your evidence and giving it to the authorities  in the future, if and when you make that choice.  

My team and I have developed the PRESERVEkit to give you the tools and instructions to collect evidence. You may not want to talk about the crime with anyone and want to put it completely out of your mind. But, there is a chance you may want to come forward in a week, a month, a year, or a decade. Wouldn’t it be empowering to have evidence at that time which will corroborate your claims?  

Statistics show that a huge number of survivors don’t get a sexual assault kit done by trained professionals.  The PRESERVEkit was developed to address the evidentiary needs of those survivors. We want to emphasize that the PRESERVEkit doesn’t address other needs survivors may have including injuries and mental health needs as well as concerns about STDs and pregnancy. If you need advice about this or other advocacy resources, a great place to start is RAINN’s National sexual assault hotline at 1 800 656 4673

The PRESERVEkit is for sale at Amazon and as we grow, it will be available in more places. It’s important for us to point out there is a law named the Violence Against Women Act  which requires states to provide sexual assault exams for free. There can be some restrictions to this so it’s important to double-check this in advance. 

It’s common sense that people who are trained in evidence collection would be able to obtain a higher quality of evidence than someone not trained. But if you don’t go to someone for a sexual assault examination, collecting your own evidence is the next best action. Crime victims give evidence to law enforcement all day every day.   Sexual assault is no different.   

What if you don’t feel like there is any evidence to save or that it’s already been too long?   Please visit our website at www.preservekit.com for information on how best to document the crime now so you can preserve vital details and photographs. 

Please send me and my team feedback and questions.  And find us on social media.

Together, we can and will overcome this oppressive and devastating epidemic.

Thank you.