What information do I gather?

Before the incident

  • All prior introductions or interaction with the perpetrator.

  • Had anyone spoken of the subject prior to that day, ie what did you know about the perpetrator prior to that day, what were the plans for the evening, did the plans for the evening include that person, etc.

  • Detailed list of activities on the day of the incident. Detailed lists should include approximate times, people involved, locations, and every possible bit of information. The more detail the better in the long run.

After the incident

Detail an account of everything that happened after the incident.

  • Where did you go first?

  • Who did you tell first?

  • Did anyone know what happened?

Did you go to the campus infirmary or to the hospital?

  • Get the medical records from both places.

  • What did you say to the nurse to get a rape kit?

  • What did the nurse say to you in terms of making a police report?

  • Did hospital staff make any comment about the hospital’s requirement to notify the police?

  • The medical staff may be the most important witnesses because they will verify all of the information about your visit to the hospital.

List of all people who were potentially in the area

  • Anyone who saw you

  • All of your dorm neighbors

  • Resident Assistant of the dorm

Did anyone ever confront the perpetrator about this?

  • If anyone confronted the perpetrator, do you know who they were?

  • Did anyone ever discuss the incident afterwards? In person, on the phone, or on social media?

  • These people may be important witnesses in your case and the police may have to interview them.