The PRESERVEkit™ is intended to empower survivors.

Sometimes, survivors who don’t report the crime loose potential evidence within hours or days. The PRESERVEkit™ is a self-administered tool for survivors to collect evidence for use at a later date within the judicial system.

The PRESERVEkit™ is not intended to take away the function of medical centers or law enforcement. It is in the best interest of survivors to report sexual assault to the police or a medical facility as soon as possible. It that is not possible the self administered PRESERVEkit is the next best solution.

The goal of the PRESERVEkit™ is to provide survivors with the information and tools needed to collect their own evidence. The intention is to corroborate the facts of the sexual assault for future use in the judicial system.

a self-administered
sexual assault evidence collection kit.

WAIT to shower

WAIT to brush your teeth

WAIT to change your clothes